Saturday, April 10, 2010

Santa Fe: Farmer’s Market

Santa Fe 2010 017Santa Fe 2010 020Santa Fe 2010 018Santa Fe 2010 023This morning, my parents and I got up and headed down to the Santa Fe farmer's market. This nationally recognized market has been going since the sixties, and all of the produce is locally grown.
My favorite part: all of the samples and the opportunity to take in the local flavors!

Best glasses I’ve seen all week; Old Pecos Foods’ Green Chile Mustard- great with pretzels, but I can’t wait to try it on grilled chicken; Soften skin and smell great with Milk and Honey soaps and lotion bars (even if you can’t escape corporate logos!); Wind chimes made by local artisans.
Old Pecos Foods
Milk and Honey's Site
Crumpacker's Catering and Pastry
Farmer's Market Site


  1. I wish I could go! I bet it's a huge market.

  2. It's so cool- both indoors and out, and across the street, there is an art market! Plus, it overlooks the old railyard!