Sunday, October 24, 2010

La Conversation, Los Angeles


Is one of my favorite lunch/ brunch spots. They also have great pastry and coffee (and pies, etc.) you can pick up to go.  I was lucky enough to live a few blocks away at one point in time, and would frequently walk down to indulge and people watch.  Last week, I had an appointment in the area, and stopped in for a long lunch.

Anytime you catch yourself thinking, “It feels wrong to be this excited and pleased with food,” you know it’s a spot to frequent. I had a perfect latte and quiche made with tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Delish. The assorted mini-pastry and muffins they bring out before your food are delightful. Try the pancakes, but don’t skip the coffee!

La Conversation, 638 N Doheny, LA, 90069

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Love, Love, Love!

The Biggest Loser!
I can't get enough... it's just so inspiring.
Did you see Rick's transformation this week? Love him, and was so sad he was voted out!

I love that the show really highlights the fact that you can get healthy (lose weight or adopt a better lifestyle) at home. I know it's turned into a huge brand, but you just have to love the positive message.

Maybe the Biggest Loser marathon I've been having all day has me pumped up on endorphins! :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Like candy, but better

I love candy. I mean, love it. Nine times out of ten, I will not turn you down if you're offering me candy. But when you've been having a little too much of the sweet stuff, what do you do?
I recently discovered Extra's Dessert Delights gum.
They have several flavors, but the only one available at my local store was the "Strawberry Shortcake." In the parking lot, I was digging through my bag and ripping open the package like, well, a kid in a candy store. I felt like Violet Beauregard from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." You know, the one who chewed the tomato soup- roast beef- pie gum and turned into a blueberry? My pack was a little stale at first chew (maybe with all the flavor? or maybe it was just this pack?) but the flavor was awesome- like strawberries and cream. Yum! I can't wait to try Mint Chocolate Chip and Key Lime Pie!

(Photo from Extra's Facebook.)

French Press, To Go

Peets coffee pressPeet’s has done it again. The French Press lid is a new spin on coffee to go.

You do have to wait a couple of minutes to press it down, so you don’t get that instant gratification sip the second it’s handed to you… but totally worth it. I like it because you can get a stronger cup, and it’s a great way to try all of the pricey blends that line the walls (for the price of a regular cup).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Mmmmm… farmer’s markets. I love to walk around them, sample the fruits and veggies, and talk to the people selling. It’s a great chance to feel like a part of your community… and to eat some really delicious food! Duh!
food blog 010 food blog 011 food blog 012
I loved this Korean food. The tamales are also exceptional. Now, there are two stands, so go to the one down by the farmer’s market restaurant. Across from that stand is Zack at Carmela Ice Cream- go there! The mint chocolate with real mint, the strawberry buttermilk, and lavender honey are personal favorites. On the way out, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, a bushel of oysters from Carlsbad Aquafarm for dinner, and you’re set for a perfect evening.
Ivar and Selma Ave, 8am-1pm Sunday

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Girls Night In

A group of my girlfriends got together for an Italian-themed dinner party. With tons of wine, a wonderful fruit and cheese plate, amazing spinach pasta with turkey and mushroom sauce,  we were happy campers.
I wanted to make Michael Chiarello's Caprese Tart, but didn’t have all of the ingredients or tart pans. So, I improvised and made a Caprese Galette (which is a fancy name for what Southerners might call a tomato pie).
food blog 044 First, I preheated the oven to 400. Then, I rolled out a store bought pie crust (yes, I did go there) and shaved parmigiano reggiano onto the crust. Next, I layered (farmer’s market fresh) tomatoes and mozzarella, and topped it all with basil, salt, pepper, and evoo…
food blog 046 Crimped the edges of the crust…
food blog 047 Brushed the crust with olive oil, and baked for 35 minutes. Here’s what came out…
food blog 048 I didn’t measure the amounts, so next time, I’d probably use less mozzarella and more tomatoes so it’s less gooey. It was a big hit (lasting mere minutes). It’s so simple, so delicious, and tastes like it took hours to make- definitely a great addition to your recipe collection!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Mexican Feast

food blog 025

food blog 018  food blog 032

food blog 029 I recently went over to a friend’s place for a Mexican dinner party…. and yes, we dressed in theme.

He made the most delicious food- everything was impeccable. These roasted almonds were to die for- smoky, a bit spicy, and hard to quit eating.  He roasted the corn for the calabacitas tacos, and the rajas were equally impressive (but I’m a wimp and apparently can’t do spicy!) My favorite, though, was his homemade guacamole, topped with crab meat and cheese- talk about decadent. Top it off with a couple of pitchers of sangria, and we had a blast!

I made Mexican brownies with chipotle and cinnamon, and like a bad blogger, didn’t take any pics. They were popular, though, so be on the lookout for a recipe!