Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update: NYC

I have officially left the desert and arrived in NYC. Today, I'm going into the agency to say hello and, hopefully, I will start going out on castings again by tomorrow or Monday.
More updates soon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip: What to Eat?

Road Trips: either you love them or you hate them. I fall into the "love them" category. I love seeing new places, taking in the scenery, and relaxing with music. Every time I take a road trip, though, I end up scrambling for something to eat! Sometimes it feels like the only things on the road are cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and, of course, gas station candy... and I'm not about to destroy my diet on those (hey, I'd much rather have a really rich dinner or gelato!)
So, what does one eat on a road trip?
I suggest planning ahead: I keep a flat of bottled waters in my car, bring a couple of apples, oranges, bananas, and Special K bars. Special K has these great cereal bars, protein snack bars, and protein meal bars. They taste like candy but keep you full so you don't cave and grab whatever's in sight.
If you have to stop, there are a few options. Gas stations usually have some fruit available (although the selection can get pretty sparse!) or you can just grab a bag of pretzels. As for McDonalds, avoid the Big Mac Wrap (ew), and grab a side salad, nonfat cappuccino, or snack sized parfait (160 calories, 2 g. fat). Subway is always a great option, and they're often along the interstate. You can even substitute chips for sliced apples or yogurt. It's filling, relatively cheap, and tasty (especially the veggie delight if you can't stand the salty meats).
Choose one of these options, pack healthy snacks from home, or stop at grocery stores along the way and bag fresh salads, and you can shift your focus from "what to eat" to having fun!

Road Trip: LA to Santa Fe

NM 2010 008

NM 2010 014 NM 2010 021 NM 2010 029 NM 2010 040

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grilled Veggies…

Santa Fe 2010 015

Are one of the best parts of spring and summer!

There is nothing like that charred-from-the-grill taste of fresh veggies. If you’re like me and love spices, a little red chile makes them outta control!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LA Workout: Body by JD

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had a few different model and actress friends drive from LA to Alhambra a couple of days at week to work out at body by JD. I always just chalked their dedication up to lunacy, but when another friend swore he helped her lose baby weight while eating what she wanted, I had to try it for myself!NM 2010 001
Monday I went in to check it out. After fifteen minutes of sitting in my car paralyzed by fear, I mustered up the courage to go inside. During the workout, I came close to passing out twice. I got through by pretending to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser (whatever works, right?). After lunges, squats, kicks, bicycle crunches, jump rope, and throwing a medicine ball (which I’ve always managed to avoid for obvious reasons), I felt exhausted but shockingly great.
NM 2010 004
Fast forward: 6 AM Tuesday- I can’t sleep anymore because every time I move, the pain jolts me awake. Luckily, I was partaking in a road trip the entire day, so moving wasn’t really on the agenda. Wednesday- the pain is still here. It hurts to sit down. Yes, the chair is too hard for my tender legs. No wonder this workout gets such great results!
NM 2010 005
The Verdict: I can’t wait to go back! This program gets results. He doesn’t baby you, but who really cares when you’ve got that killer endorphin rush? My abs look great, and I can only imagine what regular workouts with JD would do for my butt.
From Top: Entrance, The Studio, Some of JD’s clients showing off their results.
Body By JD, 718 S. Date St, Alhambra, CA
(626) 283- 2341
(626) 319- 7050 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Juice: T Salon, LA

LA 2010 020

The other day, I met a friend for “tea.” Yeah, I know, highly unlikely for a heavy coffee drinker like me. I may have even made fun of myself for it. But one taste of a vanilla coconut blend at “T Salon” in LA, and I was a goner. It was like this “tea is worthwhile” epiphany.

While reading the menu of available teas (yeah, there were a lot: floor to ceiling canisters for you to take home and teas on tap!), I noticed that they had fresh juices. Topping the list was my personal favorite, green juice. Green juice is filled with vitamins and minerals from veggies like kale, celery, and spinach, and I personally think it tastes pretty great. Needless to say, I woke up fiending for it. After a 20 minute walk, I arrived at T Salon super excited. It was empty. I realized it wasn’t opened yet. Oops. So I went next door for a coffee and came back. It’s that good.

T Salon got started in Chelsea Market, so you know it’s fab.  They’re also environmentally conscious, using recycled and/or biodegradable flatware and cups/ containers. Just another reason to love it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello, Bay Area!

I'm on a quick trip to the Bay Area. This is the home of my Alma Mater, Cal, and the place where my love of food and exercise  really blossomed.
Lots of hills to hike, organic markets galore, and the place where Peet's Coffee got it's start... Berkeley is ripe with opportunity for aspiring (healthy) foodies!

A Day of Fun: LA

LA 2010 010 LA 2010 013Ah, LA! One of the main problems in LA is deciding the best way to take advantage of the wonderful weather.
The other day, my friend Lorraine (of pancake fame) and I wanted to play tennis. Trying to justify a soft serve run, we decided to skate to the Grove for a cone then continue on to the tennis court.

Only one little problem: I can’t remember ever roller skating before, and I cracked my head open on roller blades nine years ago… and haven’t been on them since. It’s all about conquering fears, people! So, Lorraine and I strapped into skates and set off for the farmers market. Between the cracked sidewalk, our endless giggles, and my complete lack of skill, we were quite slow. I mean, walkers were passing us. Lo was a good sport, and by the end, we were doing pretty well. That is, until we finished our ice cream and called another friend to come and pick us up (yeah, I was too scared to skate back!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Terroni: Los Angeles

LA 2010 007

The apps are awesome, service is great, and don’t forget to end your meal with the il Chiostro beer. This grilled fish was pretty good, but the pine nuts in the ratatouille were a bit overpowering for my taste.

7605 Beverly Blvd

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Santa Fe: Farmer’s Market

Santa Fe 2010 017Santa Fe 2010 020Santa Fe 2010 018Santa Fe 2010 023This morning, my parents and I got up and headed down to the Santa Fe farmer's market. This nationally recognized market has been going since the sixties, and all of the produce is locally grown.
My favorite part: all of the samples and the opportunity to take in the local flavors!

Best glasses I’ve seen all week; Old Pecos Foods’ Green Chile Mustard- great with pretzels, but I can’t wait to try it on grilled chicken; Soften skin and smell great with Milk and Honey soaps and lotion bars (even if you can’t escape corporate logos!); Wind chimes made by local artisans.
Old Pecos Foods
Milk and Honey's Site
Crumpacker's Catering and Pastry
Farmer's Market Site

Red Chile Apricot Cornish Hens with Apricot Almond Wild Rice

Santa Fe 2010 003

Easy and delicious! All I did was rub a couple of cornish hens with a little olive oil and some red chile, stuff them with apricots and pop them in the 350 degree oven for an hour and fifteen minutes. For the rice, I just threw in some chopped dried apricots, a little (low sodium) chicken broth, and put some almonds in in the last 10 minutes of cooking. Spicy and sweet… like all good things in life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simple and Healthy: Boiled Crab and Shrimp


There’s nothing better than a good meal that’s healthy and easy to make! Avoid the butter, and season crab legs and shrimp with Old Bay and use cocktail sauce for dipping. Add some oven roasted asparagus and a baked potato on the side, and you’ve got a feast!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Work Out: The Wave

My mom has at least twenty different workout DVDs, so a great part of coming to Santa Fe is that I get to test them all! Perusing through her collection, I was intrigued by this contraption called "The Wave."
A device from the Columbia, SC based fitness company The Firm, the Wave promises fast results using their core-strengthening device. Like most people, I'm all about instant gratification, so I set up for the thirty minute express workout.

As a person that enjoys frequent workouts, I was a little surprised to be challenged. Yes, some of the steps were a little tricky, but nothing that doing the video a few times couldn't cure. If you can decipher the super Southern accents (which just remind me of home!) and giggle through the Stepford-like smiles of the instructors, it's actually a great workout. The best part? I felt the post-workout burn throughout the day yesterday, and woke up with little to no soreness. All the better to do it again!

For more info, check out The Firm's website:

Model Breakfast: Pancakes

IMG_1830 You might remember these from my post on breakfasts. Well, I finally made them again, and wanted to include a photo of how they should look! Egg White and Oatmeal “Pancakes” topped with low-fat yogurt and blueberries. Great tasting and easy to make, these pancakes are full of protein and fiber to keep you feeling full.

Recipe Care of Lorraine Lopez
2 egg whites
1 serving of quick cooking oatmeal
Mix together, heat up a nonstick skillet, spray with nonstick cooking spray.
Put the mixture on the skillet, cook like you would a pancake, flipping when the sides start to pull up.
“Pancake” will turn golden brown when done.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Santa Fe: Chicken Green Chile Tamales

Believe it or not, from Whole Foods. You can stand there and watch as a lady fills and steams them. You can choose from Chicken Green Chile or Pork and Red Chile, and she’ll throw them in a bag for you to take home. Simply delicious.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vacation: Santa Fe


Sunset from my parents’ portal. I decided to take a break and come to Santa Fe for a little R&R and hang out with my parents for Easter. Yesterday, I visited my favorite salon, NV Aveda, for some pampering and to pick up some products. The Damage Remedy deep treatment really is the best stuff I’ve found for my brittle hair, and all Aveda products smell heavenly… kinda like this sunset.

NYC: Chelsea Market

My last day in NYC, I just had to stop by Chelsea Market. A mecca for foodies, Chelsea market is below the studios for Food Network. After a delicious cup of soup, I stopped by Eleni’s for a mini cupcake. The frosting was not too sweet; the cake was perfectly moist. Even though it was small, it was the first cupcake I’d had in probably 2 years, so it was way more than enough.

Milano: How I Miss You!

And the pastry at Cucchi!

This brioche is literally the best I've ever tasted. If you're in Milano, go to Cucchi now, and get the brioche with raspberry jam. Flaky, delicious, and perfect with un cafe!
Pasticceria Cucchi, Cso. Genova 1

Friday, April 2, 2010

NYC: Lupe’s East LA Kitchen


I have to try anything with "LA" in the name, so some friends and I stopped by Lupe's for some margaritas last week. Boy, were we in for a treat! I sampled the mole enchiladas and the tamales. The tamales were good (if not pretty standard) and the enchiladas were awesome- the mole wasn't too sweet or too spicy, just right. The brunch on the weekend is supposed to be great, and if you catch the lunch specials, you can get outta there for less than ten bucks!
Lupe's East LA Kitchen
110 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY

Photo Credit: Spencer Wohlrab

NYC: More Rainy Day Fun

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing in the Studio

Here's a collection of the photos Julian and I shot last week while testing out his new studio. No hair or makeup, just hanging around... like I said, one of the great things about NYC!
Check out his blog for some of the stuff he's been working on...

Sweetie Pie: NYC

NYC Blog Shots 006
Wandering around the West Village after dinner, my friend and wandered upon a place with a giant gold birdcage in the window… with people sitting inside. Not one to miss out on something bizarre, I insisted we go inside. What did we find? Mirrors galore, white arches filled with liquors, tall red booths, and curly white chairs made me feel like I was inside a Tim Burton movie. It’s a sweet little spot with a full bar, “mocktails”, coffee and teas, ice cream, and other sweets. In other words, my kind of place!
19 Greenwich Avenue