Friday, April 16, 2010

A Day of Fun: LA

LA 2010 010 LA 2010 013Ah, LA! One of the main problems in LA is deciding the best way to take advantage of the wonderful weather.
The other day, my friend Lorraine (of pancake fame) and I wanted to play tennis. Trying to justify a soft serve run, we decided to skate to the Grove for a cone then continue on to the tennis court.

Only one little problem: I can’t remember ever roller skating before, and I cracked my head open on roller blades nine years ago… and haven’t been on them since. It’s all about conquering fears, people! So, Lorraine and I strapped into skates and set off for the farmers market. Between the cracked sidewalk, our endless giggles, and my complete lack of skill, we were quite slow. I mean, walkers were passing us. Lo was a good sport, and by the end, we were doing pretty well. That is, until we finished our ice cream and called another friend to come and pick us up (yeah, I was too scared to skate back!)

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  1. haha when I started reading this I was sooo impressed that you skated to the farmer's market and then to play tennis. but thank god you ended it by saying someone picked you up!!!