Sunday, October 24, 2010

La Conversation, Los Angeles


Is one of my favorite lunch/ brunch spots. They also have great pastry and coffee (and pies, etc.) you can pick up to go.  I was lucky enough to live a few blocks away at one point in time, and would frequently walk down to indulge and people watch.  Last week, I had an appointment in the area, and stopped in for a long lunch.

Anytime you catch yourself thinking, “It feels wrong to be this excited and pleased with food,” you know it’s a spot to frequent. I had a perfect latte and quiche made with tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Delish. The assorted mini-pastry and muffins they bring out before your food are delightful. Try the pancakes, but don’t skip the coffee!

La Conversation, 638 N Doheny, LA, 90069

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