Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Like candy, but better

I love candy. I mean, love it. Nine times out of ten, I will not turn you down if you're offering me candy. But when you've been having a little too much of the sweet stuff, what do you do?
I recently discovered Extra's Dessert Delights gum.
They have several flavors, but the only one available at my local store was the "Strawberry Shortcake." In the parking lot, I was digging through my bag and ripping open the package like, well, a kid in a candy store. I felt like Violet Beauregard from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." You know, the one who chewed the tomato soup- roast beef- pie gum and turned into a blueberry? My pack was a little stale at first chew (maybe with all the flavor? or maybe it was just this pack?) but the flavor was awesome- like strawberries and cream. Yum! I can't wait to try Mint Chocolate Chip and Key Lime Pie!

(Photo from Extra's Facebook.)


  1. So I got the Mint Chocolate Chip and Key Lime Pie flavors!
    I think it is the blend of the gum that makes the pieces a little stale tasting at first. I noticed it with both other flavors.
    Mint Chocolate- kinda weird, but worth a try. It's something you would chew if you were trying to beat a chocolate craving.
    Key Lime Pie- I loved! Yummy!
    The strawberry shortcake is really the only one I could handle on a regular basis.
    These flavors are useful to combat cravings, but I'll def. keep some old fashioned flavors around, too.

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