Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm baaaccckk!!!

After a not-so-brief hiatus, I'm happy to be back in the blog-o-sphere. I hope you all have been happy and healthy in the meantime. I'd all but given up on being healthy after some highs, some lows, a few too many cocktails, and a not so small obsession with perfecting my fried chicken recipe.

Personal high: turning my passion for making trash into treasure on HGTV's Flea Market Flip.
Personal low: quitting the gym while eating a bag of Cheetos. Yes, I really did that.

After my mom dropped major lbs by nixing sugar and cutting way back on carbs, I followed suit, and can't be more pleased by the results. People have said taking such drastic measures is crazy, but sometimes that's what a girl's gotta do... as long as you keep it in perspective. Yes, it is totally hard to remember that I didn't drink all those dirty martinis in one day and can't expect to lose their aftermath super fast, but then I remember that I feel amazing, and my energy is through the roof!

So, what have you guys been up to? Any juicy deets on your health trials/ tribulations lately?

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