Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brie with Truffles

I love cheese. The only thing better than cheese? Cheese plates.

I love picking out cheeses, fruits, nuts, honey, jams, chocolates. And it doesn't hurt that wine and cheese go together like... well, wine and cheese.

Going to the market and picking out cheeses is also fun. The farmer's market at the Grove has a great cheese counter, and they're more than happy to give out samples and suggest pairings. But my most recent discovery came from Whole Foods. Brie is delicious. It's arguable that everything is better with truffles. So brie with truffles seemed like a no brainer.

Rouzaire is the company that makes this little wonder. They also have brie with Grand Marnier, cumin, and mustard. Talk about wonderful combos- I can barely wait to try them all!

Check out their site to see all of their cheeses, try some recipes, and learn about this family's tradition. http://www.fromagerierouzaire.com/

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