Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Hair, New Attitude

Sometimes getting a hair cut is totally scary. I've had people hack off my sideswept bangs into the straight across version (not a good look for me), I've had one side longer than the other, uneven cutting, chunky highlights, experimented with raven hues, battled the razor, and gone blonde. Go from brown to blonde back to brown, throw in a little stress, and you have some major hair loss. My hair never really recovered, so it's understandable that going to a new hairstylist is a traumatic event.

Enter Jaason Simmons. Very quickly, he rinsed, cut, and styled my limp lackluster locks into thick bouncy (younger!) perfection. One of my fellow actors was having her hair dyed at the same time, and he took her from drab to sex goddess in under an hour.
(Yep, I look twelve without makeup!)

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