Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best BBQ in Los Angeles?

In the South, BBQ is like another food group. Pretty much anywhere you go to get this tasty treat can be relied upon to be high quality and delicious.
West of the Mississippi, it's another story... don't even think about Carolina Mustard Sauce. After searching around LA, I fell in love with "The Pig" and their supply of Ne-hi, only to find them closed a few months later. And so the search began once again. My ex-roomie is from Oklahoma and took me to Baby Blues in Venice, which is pretty amazing for LA (and their banana pudding is out of this world!)

While I still love Baby Blues, the search is on once again for the best BBQ in LA. I know there are some new places, and I'm willing to travel out of the city for the good stuff.  Anyone have suggestions?


  1. A new place just opened in Belmont Shore called Smoque. Ate there twice a couple weeks ago. The guy's from TX and the ribs were great. He also has a jalapeno bacon infused mac and cheese that was kinda out of this world. The first time was better than the second, but he's ironing out the kinks. The place is on 2nd Street and I'd give it a week or two then pop by. It's not an easy neighborhood to be successful in and he's already drawing a crowd.

    Also try Beachwood BBQ on Main Street Seal Beach. It's very good. Both of these places do deep fried pickles that are AWESOME.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Thanks! I haven't had fried pickles since my last visit to Alabama... yum!