Monday, September 13, 2010

A Multi-Cultural Evening: Part I

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The other day, a friend and I headed down to Little Ethiopia for a new experience. It was already starting to get kind of late, so we chose the place with a sign in the front that said there was a “super secret comedy show” going on inside.

As soon as we walked in, the “comedians” started talking to us through the bar, and proceeded to heckle us with inappropriate obscenities throughout our meal (I mean, we were bright red, and I’m not easily offended). My friend ordered a glass of wine, which took about 15 minutes to come out (in a soaking wet glass), and we saw the waitress pour the end of one bottle in and open another to fill it all the way.

Neither of us had ever tried Ethiopian food, so we asked the waitress what was good. We ended up with this combo plate of chicken, lamb, and beef- she threw in some lentils to sample, too. The meat was pretty good- especially the chicken, but we both liked the lentils best. There are no utensils, so you eat with Injera and the sour flavor combined with the fluffy-ness kind of freaked us both out.

All in all, it was a new experience- I’d try it again to sample the vegetarian dishes, but don’t think I’d ever have a craving for it. Everyone working there was very nice and helpful…just be sure to stay away on comedy night.

Rosalind’s Ethiopian, Fairfax Ave

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