Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Blues

Blissing Out on Banana Pudding
The other day, a girlfriend and I spent the afternoon strolling around LACMA. Okay, giggling around LACMA, getting in trouble for carrying water and taking photos. So we like to have a little fun with our art, what's wrong with that!?

Anyway, all that art made us HUNGRY! And what's best to eat when you're famished? BBQ, of course! She lives right next door to Baby Blues on Santa Monica (lucky or unlucky, depending on your perspective), and I love the Venice location, so we stopped in for a quick bite.

I pigged out on the pulled pork with collards and fried okra. The okra was a bit salty for my taste, and I was very sad that my order didn't even have one piece of bark! If you aren't well versed in BBQ terminology, that's the really flavorful black stuff that comes in pulled pork... long story short, every plate of BBQ should have it.

Baby Blues' banana pudding is definitely the main attraction, though. Creamy, frothy (is it whipped?!) and delightful, I'm not opposed to going just for that! While I still like the Venice location's funky vibe better, the Santa Monica location is worth a visit.
 Baby Blues BBQ, 7953 Santa Monica Blvd, LA

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