Monday, September 13, 2010

A Multi-Cultural Evening: Part II

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For the second part of our evening, we headed East to (what we deemed) Little Cuba. To be honest, I selfishly thought about not blogging this spot because it’s that cool.

La Descarga is easily my favorite spot in LA. It’s a speak-easy with a cigar bar, an amazing house band, super hot burlesque shows, and strong yet delicious drinks. Even if you can’t dance Salsa, you’ll be motivated by the couples spinning and stepping around the dance floor.

Get there a little early and head to the Cafe Con Leche food truck that parks down the street for delicious fare and sweet, hot Cuban coffee. If you go later, expect a delicious pastry to be available, but risk missing the popular items like the El Manolo (steak sandwich) or Arroz Con Leche.

Drinking a “dark and stormy” at La Descarga, 1159 N. Western Avenue, LA

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