Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Hungry" by Crystal Renn

I just finished reading Hungry by Crystal Renn.
In it, Renn tells her story and campaigns for acceptance of all sizes. She recognizes that she's lucky to be the "chosen one" to blaze a path for plus girls in high fashion, and you can't help but like her, with her humor and honesty and the semi-academic citations that are sprinkled throughout the book. As she chronicles the development of her eating disorder and subsequent "turning point" and success, it's astonishing how clearly she can identify particular events as triggering her behavior. The tales of the model apartments are interesting (and pretty accurate) and add a little levity to serious subject matter. Once she reaches the point of her career as a "plus girl," she wanders off on tangents about the most random things, but all in all, it feels like you're reading a girl's letter to a friend, and that's not such a bad thing.
There are a ton of pictures in the middle of the book, and I liked that her bibliography provides interested parties with further reading material. While some of the descriptions of clothes get a little intense and some of the relationship stuff is kind of winded, it's an informative, funny, and heartfelt read. Definitely worth it!

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