Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Lookout: Best Coffee in Milan

Before coming to Milan, I was obsessed with coffee. After being here for six weeks, not much has changed. Well, maybe I am slightly more obsessed.
Italian coffee is amazing. Going to the walk-up bars and ordering "un cafe" is the perfect treat between castings, and a great way to keep you going. Heck, I even like the coffee in the metro here (yeah, that's pretty bad, I know!)
This obsession led me on the search for the best coffee in Milan. I really like the coffee at Nobu; the coffee at Cucci is amazing, too (but maybe it's mainly because I was so excited about my brioche); but the best coffee, hands down, comes from Bastianello.
Their cappucinos are frothy, milky, and taste like heaven in your mouth. The espresso is rich, smooth, and not too bitter. I was trying to catch a peak at what they were roasting, but the bags are marked with the restaurant's emblem! Talk about sneaky! Luckily, they sell the coffee in bean form so you can make it at home!
Bastianello also has gelato, pastries, specialty cakes, and a pretty bad-ass looking spread of aperitivo.

Bastianello, Via Borgogna 5, Milano, Red Line Stop San Babila

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