Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coffee Love: San Francisco

Ahh… coffee. If you don’t love it, you haven’t had the right stuff. If you absolutely hate coffee, this is your opportunity to give it one last shot.
During a break from a fashion show, I wandered into the Blue Bottle Café… a little place, so small that you might just miss it.
The Tokyo iced coffee, brewed through a drip machine that looks like something from Wonka’s factory, is sure to please. They also have New Orleans iced coffee sweetened with chicory root. This stuff is unbelievable.
The sweets are delicious- I sampled the organic gingerbread cookies and the sesame absinthe shortbread, which were perfect when dunked.

Tokyo Style coffee brewing in the café, The New Orleans Iced, and Latte with Gingerbread Cookie
66 Mint Street, San Francisco. Cash only.

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