Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Mexico Golf: Who Knew?

Apparently New Mexico has beautiful golf courses. I've been itching to take some lessons, but haven't really been in a place with accessible golf lately. I'll be working in Santa Fe for the next couple of months, so I decided to get in some practice. Lucky me: Santa Fe has a lot to choose from!

I decided to try out the Towa Course at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Having grown up on a golf course in South Carolina (30 minutes from Augusta National), I was worried that the course would have a stuffy attitude- that wasn't the case at all. I took a lesson with the head pro, Linda, then hit balls at the range. The other golfers were friendly, and everyone working there was so nice and helpful. The Towa Grill was pretty crowded, so next time, I may have to stop in for a margarita.

Friendly people, beautiful views, and sunshine: what more could a girl ask for?

(Photo Credit:Cornell & Company / Mike Wilson)

Towa Golf Club's Website

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